Visit our POP UP Art Show August 18-19

Vacaville Art Gallery POP UP Show August 18-19

Art Gallery Annex – 718 E. Monte Vista Ave.

Saturday, August 18, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday, August 19, 11:00 – 5:00 pm

Explore and immerse yourself in a delightful and diverse collection of artwork created by award-winning artists, Christy Dougherty, Clara Podger and Mary Reische.

Whether you’re looking for the traditional or abstract, this show has something for everyone. Free community event – perfect for all ages!

Christy Dougherty truly enjoys the intuitive and accidental qualities of art. She prefers to let her artwork unfold naturally through form, composition, and color. After finishing a piece of art – often a r ealistic watercolor painting – she bravely rips up the painting! The many pieces and parts left in her hands now evolve into a stunning, abstract collage… an engaging image that invites one to look at over and over.

Artist – Christy Dougherty


Clara Podger’s style is more realistic than abstract. Her medium is typically acrylic, although she has also paints with oil, watercolor, hot and cold wax, and experimented with pyrography. While the subject matter is generally scenery from her many travels, she also paints portraits and animals. Her surfaces include canvas, wood, rocks, sand dollars, and even tree conks. Curiosity always pushes Clara to explore new things and have fun!

Artist – Clara Podger


Mary Reische has been working on many paintings for the upcoming show. Her collection of colorful works varies in size and offers a choice of mediums, including oil, watercolor and acrylic. The subject matter is depicted in a realistic manner as well as with a fanciful design. The variety will please a wide spectrum of Interests. This will be a wonderful show and an exhibit of many years of art development. Mary has a degree in Fine Art, and has been interested in painting since she was a child. This show will depict many of those factors.

Artist – Mary Reische