Suzanne Bell

Suzanne Bell is a California artist-art instructor known for her inspirational teaching style and her uniquely sensual, yet contemplative paintings.

Since the time Suzanne could hold a crayon, she’s been exploring unique and fun ways to combine such mediums as watercolors, acrylics, mosaics, oils/cold wax and encaustics. Suzanne has a love for working with bees wax and the beauty it provides within her cold wax and encaustic paintings. Fifteen years ago she fell in love with the versatility of the ancient art form, encaustic. Suzanne says “Some of my favorite things about encaustics are that I get to use a blow torch; I love the hint of honey in the air and how the colorful melted wax lends itself to a playful expression.”

Her love for creating with cold wax came about five years ago and has brought new insights into creating with oil paints in non-traditional ways…  Suzanne’s favorite aspect in working with cold wax is she not only gets to use a variety of cool tools, but she gets to get messy and create with her fingers. Both these magical mediums are the highlight of her life, her art and her teachings

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