Sandy Medearis

Since becoming an artist, I am unable to look at the world in the same way.  I see shapes, colors, shadows, tones, values, and beauty everywhere I look.

Every painting I do is infused with the intention that the viewer will find healing and a personal spiritual re-connection to a place of inner peace.”


Sandy was born and raised in the beautiful natural environment of Northwest Arkansas.  She spent her formative years reading books in the Mimosa tree on her front lawn, standing on her head, or pretending she was an Indian maiden.

One day she woke up…*literally* …and called upon one of the first of her painting mentors, author and artist, Shelley Stockwell, founder of Creativity Unlimited, and she said, “Will you teach me how to paint?”  It was then that her love affair with color, form and composition began.  She worked in watercolors painting representational art for the next 4 years, having the distinct honor to also be mentored during that time by Loa Sprung, NWS, nationally recognized artist, and past president of the National Watercolor Society.  With Loa she refined her technical expertise and became inspired by the breadth and depth of Loa’s talent in abstract painting.  NO one paints folds in cloth better than Loa!

Her next painting adventure began under the direction of Freydon Rassouli, an internationally acclaimed artist and founder of the Fusionart International group.  It was during her time with Rassouli that Sandy expanded her artistic repertoire to paint with acrylics and to begin to consciously connect and paint with her inner Spirit, allowing the brush, the paint and the girl in the Mimosa tree to paint what her soul is singing.Sandy currently resides in Northern California where the beautiful rural and farm environment is influencing her to explore the wonderful world of landscape painting.  She is also writing and illustrating a hero’s tale of adventure and seeking.

2007 Accepted into 16th annual National Juried Show of the International Society of Experimental Artists:

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