Loosen up and be free to make mistakes. Mistakes are the beginning of a unique and beautiful painting.

Marjorie Lutz, instructor. 707-419-4825;
Studied at the Art Students League, New York, and my favorite teacher, Robert Burridge, plus many others.
Acrylic Classes: Saturdays, Feb 4 thru Mar 11, 2017, mostly abstract
Time: 9:30 to 12:00
Cost: $200
Where: Vacaville Art Gallery ANNEX
TO REGISTER: call the Gallery @ 707-448-8712 now. 1 space left.
Your favorite watercolor or acrylic brushes and a palette knife if you have one.
Whatever acrylic colors you have. If you are buying new, don’t buy student grade. Buy Golden or Lyquitex or Sennelier or Holbein. I will have plenty of colors for you to use.
1 medium if you wish. I use mostly water as a medium.
Canvas or canvas board or watercolor paper, 11 x 14 or 12 x 16 or 9 x 12. If I use paper, I gesso it on one side. (Be sure to pencil a mark on the un-gessoed side, to tell the difference. And I usually gesso canvas too.)
Apron or other clothing protection.
A stool, if you wish, to sit high over the table instead of the low chair.
I will supply water buckets, paper towels, Murphy’s Soap for cleaning brushes.
acrylic, watercolor, collage
roadmap for your life: past present future