Magical Acrylic Pours with Christina Miles – May 12, 2018

Class is full… as soon as we have another date scheduled, we’ll let you know.

Plan to get messy and just let loose! There are a TON of videos out there, but why watch a video when you can create your own acrylic pour in Christina’s class! Metallic paints are a must, and glitter is a plus! Come join Chris, bring a canvas or two,* a handful of acrylic paints, an apron, a few other items listed below, along with your wild imagination! To see more of her acrylic pours, check out her portfolio at Workshop fee: $20 payable to Vacaville Art Gallery

SUPPLIES NEEDED (Items to bring with you to class):

  • Canvas no larger than 9″ x 12″. *Bring more than one, but keep in mind these will be very wet when you go home.
  • 5 to 8 colors of acrylic paint. Any brand will do, even the cheap stuff works (metallic and glitter paints work great too!)
  • Extra tin pan if you bring more than one canvas (large enough to fit the size of your canvas with some space around it so you can pick up the canvas easily)
  • Apron

Supplies provided by Christina: 

  • Torch, silicone spray, gloves, baby wipes and cups, paper towels, large tin (one per person), flow medium, thumb tacks, tape, base paint (white), extra paints, and distilled water.
  • And a few other items you may need or want to try.